Day 16, 2017 – Hanging Out

With rain and 70 km winds forecasted for today, the Skeletons of Vivian Line decided to just “Hang Out” in the tree and take it easy.

Can someone give me a “leg up”?

Skin-Ann, hanging upside down “drip drying” after yesterday’s rain.

I hope the skeletons will fix my winter lights while they are up there!

Oh My Bones….I think I’m stuck!  Can someone call the fire department to help me down?

YIKES ! There’s a SPIDER on this branch.

Can Trick remain composed despite his severe case of arachnophobia as the spider crawls towards him?


Let’s all cross our fingers and toes for better weather, and less wind!


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October 24th, 2017


2017 Skeleton Antics


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Find the skeletons in action

You can visit the sketons each October on Vivian Line in Stratford. Watch for the signs.