Day 17, 2017 – Day Surgery

A mobile day surgery clinic was scheduled for the skeletons today – “BLT Hold the Mayo Clinic”!

Skeletons from far and wide come hoping to have their broken bones repaired –which could explain the higher number of skeletons that are on our front lawn today.

Trick was the highest priority patient having fallen out of the crabapple tree yesterday.

Can the on-call physician “Metatarsal” Welby  M.D. repair  Trick’s broken spine?

More Anesthetic!!

Skeletons are lined up waiting for their turn.

Can Bones finally have his arm permanently repaired after all this time?

Can someone please tie this?  I am feeling a little exposed.


Thank you to Barlow Smisek Dentistry,  Physiotherapy on Front,  our neighbours Ken, Deb and Chelsey Murray for today’s props.

Special thanks to Dr. Quin and Dr Jamie,  our on-call skeleton doctors who keep repairing the skeletons and to Andy Munro our ‘humerus’  behind the scenes skeleton “one-liner” writer.


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  1. Eleanor M Steepe says:

    And how ‘clever’ is that!! Great comments too.

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October 25th, 2017


2017 Skeleton Antics


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Find the skeletons in action

You can visit the sketons each October on Vivian Line in Stratford. Watch for the signs.