Day 19, 2017 – Hurry Hard!

The Skeletons of Vivian Line thought they would end the week with a fun game of curling.

Curling rinks across Canada and around the world are gearing up for another exciting season.

Now is a great time to join your local curling club.  Come and throw your first stone.

It’s the one time that throwing rocks at houses is allowed.

Facing 4 in the house – Treat needs to make his stone count to tie the game.

It’s a little breezy under these kilts!

“Hurry Hard!” Pumpkin the Rat yells… ”we need this point”.

We will never get it there with that old broom… Sweep harder!

Bones & Or – decked out in all their curling attire, including Scott’s Tournament of Hearts & World Curling Championship jackets  are calling a close game.

SMILE…LAUGH…and ENJOY a fun game of curling.

Thank you to skeleton fan Michelle Goff  for suggesting today’s skeleton antic and donating the curling supplies.

Rob Douglas of the Stratford Country club for the brooms and Ken Hundert for the foam curling rocks.


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October 27th, 2017


2017 Skeleton Antics


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