Day 20, 2017 – Picking the Perfect Pumpkin

Yikes!  Only 3 days left until Halloween!

The Skeletons woke up this morning and realized they didn’t have any pumpkins to carve…

Despite the dispiriting weather the skeletons had a positive frame of mind when they went off to the Pumpkin Patch.

Can they find the perfect pumpkin to create their Jack-O-Lanterns…

Grim and Reaper managed to sniff up a few small pumpkins.

Treat found the biggest Pumpkin… not sure how he is going to lift it.

It wasn’t the nicest day to visit the pumpkin patch – but its time to get into the “spirit of things”.

Look,  there is even a square one!

Skin-Ann and Trick are planning to bring their carved creations to Stratford’s Annual Pumpkin Parade  November 1st, 5-9pm Market Square.

They are also hoping that next year the Skeletons of Vivian line will have a bigger budget for rain gear.

Hoping for sunny skies tomorrow as the Skeletons are planning a BBQ.

SMILE…LAUGH…and ENJOY this rainy weather



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October 28th, 2017


2017 Skeleton Antics


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Find the skeletons in action

You can visit the sketons each October on Vivian Line in Stratford. Watch for the signs.